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Global DeSoc Hackathon
Online in the metaverse
28.11 - 05.12
Global DeSoc Hackathon
28 november - 5 december 2022
This is an online hackathon dedicated to creating DeSoc project, which will take place in the metaverse.

Souls and SBTs will allow people to build a verifiable Web 3.0 digital reputation based on their past actions and experiences.

The goal of the event is to gather projects, companies, investors, experts and developers in one place.
Let's create
the future of DeSoc together
What to expect
Build or hack
A good opportunity to assemble a dream team and create projects to your taste
The winning teams will be awarded with prizes in USDT from the general sponsors of the event
Running a series of meetups and master classes on DeSoc & SBT topics from the industry experts
After the hackathon final there will be an After-party in the metaverse
1st place
Prize fund
10 000 USDT or Equivalent
  • NFTs to all hackathon participants
  • Personalized NFTs 1st 2st 3st place
3rd place
2nd place
Choose your task
DeFi in DeSoc
Digital Identification
Soulbound Tokens
Smart justice
Reputation, ratings, calculation mechanisms and algorithms
Web3 social networks, integration with DAO
Experts and Juri
  • Taras Dovgal
    Co-founder at Kikimora Labs
    NearPay & Roketo
  • Dmitry Volkov
    Founder of Social Discovery Ventures
  • Dan Kaizer
    Azuro Core-Contributor
    ETH Waterloo Canada 2017 by Ethereum Foundation Overall Winner
  • Arseny Klekovkin
    G1 Ventures
  • Ilya Orlov
    Metaverse preacher
    Co-founder of Mark3d
  • Stepan Gershyni
    Co-founder Gyde One
    Founder Credentia
  • Arsenii Pechen
    In crypto industry since 2018
    Winner and prize-winner of more than 10 hackathons in the last year
  • Igor Doganov
    Investment Director at
    Co-founder of
  • Eugene Kuzyakov
    Founder of
    Co-founder of
  • Tony Jacobs
    SDV Lab
    Head of Product & Founder of Magnet
  • George Goshanov
    Kikimora Labs
    CEO of MyNearWallet
  • Nikita Kortunov
    CTO SDV Lab
  • Massimo Luraschi
    Software Engineer and Data Engineer
  • Saveleva Tatiana
    CEO Flure
Master classes, meetups, guided tours
01. 11- 02. 12
Call for applications
04. 11
End of registration
01. 12
Forming the list of teams
01. 12
Start of the hackathon
28. 11
The hackathon final and After-party
05. 12
Choose your Role
If you are a developer who creates smart contracts. On our hackathon, you can use any convenient programming language.

Front-end development skills (the layout of web pages), JavaScript programming skills, the knowledge of one or more JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Vue. js) and Back-end development skills (writing server code) will also come in handy.
the event is over

Hackathon Winners

General sponsor
Social Discovery Ventures is a global technology company focused on connecting people and designing Social Life 3.0. SDVentures unites more than 40 brands used by 180 million people in 100 countries around the world. That makes it the 3d world’s largest Social Discovery company.
Horadrim Capital is a vc fund that focuses on a strong value for a handpicked projects. Horadrim Capital is fueling projects up with our resources, network and expertise to achieve the bravest goals on the daily basis. Actively supports teams in R&D and building products in DeSoc direction.
Kikimora Labs is a venture studio and tech hub focused on incubating next-generation technological projects in web3, education, and other areas. Kikimora Labs is fostering a network of founders, investors, and startups who strive in a fast-paced, impact-driven environment. The experts from this venture studio will share their vision and knowledge on DeSoc and take an active part in working with the teams participating in the hackathon.
Media Partners
How it was 
Towards the future
see you in the metaverse
the event is over
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